“No Aggression Mondays” were game changers.

What exactly is that? Monday morning blues are a genuine thing. And we saw that at HomeMonde as well. Our staff returned to work after a weekend feeling stressed and nervous about the upcoming week. Furthermore, in the industrial industry, diversely skilled individuals collaborate with diverse mindsets. As a result, there may be a lot of tension, conflict, and dissatisfaction. To […]

The Appeal of Handmade Items in an Era of Machines And Automation

Although robots can now perform many jobs more efficiently than humans However, some artistic endeavors still require human creativity. Homemonde vision is helping to preserve many Indian artisanship which still exists and claims exclusivity. Hand processing materials with simple tools preserve the original qualities of the goods and facilitate recycling. Indian handicrafts are among the […]

Oh, Are you updating your bedroom? Then make sure to check this bedsheet guide

Are you updating your room? Updating your room can be easier said than done. It needs a hell lot of planning, budgeting, and whatnot. Whatever you do, you have to make sure you are concentrating on the prominent part of your room, that’s your bed and bedsheet. Minimal, aesthetic, romantic, cute, or else, you want […]