Beach House

Hospitality Collection

Homemonde’s Hospitality Collection offers premium home furnishings, bedding, bath, restaurant & banquet textile products for B2B customers, designed to elevate the guest experience in hotels and resorts.



Discover the mesmerising world of Appliqué Organdy Work! Our catalog showcases a stunning range of bedsheets, curtains, pillows, and more, exuding elegance and charm. Indulge in luxury for your home today!


Satin Stripes Collection

Introducing Breton, a collection inspired by stripes in home furnishings. From bold to subtle, curate your space with our versatile range that everyone can enjoy.


Woven Collection

Elevate your decor with Homemonde’s Tessitura Collection, Inspired by the Italian art of weaving, experience intricate designs and textures. Perfect for designers, users, and re-sellers looking to curate their own woven products. Crafted by skilled artisans, these pieces are sure to impress.


Tie & Dye Collection

Experience the Aloha Collection by Homemonde – featuring Tie & Dye prints inspired by the essence of affection and compassion. Elevate your furnishings with love.


Tufted Collection

Featherfield by Homemonde – an exquisite collection of tufted furnishings. Experience the beauty of needle-punched loops, adding texture and depth to your home decor.


Macrame Collection

Discover the artistry of Macrame with Homemonde’s collection of stunningly crafted decorative articles. Elevate your furnishings with intricate knot patterns and bohemian charm.


Quilted Collection

Introducing Ombre Collection by Homemonde – inspired by quilted technique, bringing shaded beauty to furnishings. Perfect for textile designers, users, and resellers alike.


Design Collection

Homemonde’s Handpicked collection features uniquely designed home furnishings inspired by current trends and customer experiences, perfect for any style-savvy home


Printed Collection

Homemonde’s Imprimer Collection – taking inspiration from the French word “to print”. Elevate your decor with a range of beautifully printed furnishings, adding style and personality to any room.


Solid Collection

Homemonde’s FORT collection draws inspiration from solid colors, featuring a curation of textiles perfect for any designer’s palette.